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Movability on KXAN’s Studio 512, August 20, 2014

Transportation Solutions Advance, Community Impact, July 23, 2014

“We need to find ways to get people to use more urban, efficient ways of getting around,” said Glenn Gadbois, executive director of transportation advocacy group       Movability Austin. “A behavioral change is needed so people start thinking again how they should get around.”

Movability Austin works with companies to identify programs and tax incentives that can help take those companies’ commuters off the road. In late July, Gadbois will be working with chamber leadership to finalize details on a potential partnership that could increase Movability Austin’s efforts.”

Getting Off The Road, Austin Chronicle, June 27, 2014

“When Movability surveys companies, it typically finds that 15-20% of employees have already figured out an alternative commute. Another 20-25% are interested in alternatives but aren’t really using them – “and that’s our sweet spot,” says Executive Director Gadbois, adding that his group doesn’t spend any time trying to force a change on those who aren’t interested. Movability then acts as a one-stop shop to help receptive employees find their options. This means everything from sitting down with one person and mapping a safe bike route with minimal hills, to talking with an employer about offering transit passes instead of garage parking.”

Movability Austin strives for short-term solutions to downtown congestion, Community Impact Newsletter, March 7, 2013

Austin commuters must change attitude, ways; we can’t be so ‘Texan’ [PDF], Austin Business Journal, February 8, 2013

Developers must alter the way Central Texas is built; bye-bye sprawl, Austin Business Journal, February 8, 2013

The problem with the Sunbelt cities is that we’ve spread out, said Glenn Gadbois, the executive director of Movability Austin, an organization that helps promote transportation alternatives in Austin. Development is too dense for cars and too sparse for many forms of public transit.                            

Commuting together could solve Austin’s traffic headache, YNN, January 24, 2013

Bikes, public transportation, company sponsored shuttles, but what about carpooling? With more than 100,000 people working downtown, it could a commuter’s best option.

The City of Austin calculates about 75 percent of MoPac drivers ride alone.

Riding solo is not how husband and wife Brandon and Rachel Somers choose to operate. They recently started riding to work together.

VeloTexas 2012: Lauren Bennett of Movability Austin, August 26, 2012


Austin could see bike share program by May, Austin Business Journal, November 6, 2012

“The last mile,” where a transit route’s final stop leaves commuters several blocks from their workplaces, is one of the biggest obstacles stopping downtown workers from riding buses or commuting via bicycle, said transit specialist Glenn Gadbois.

Public transit woes: Austinites just love their cars, Austin Business Journal, November 1, 2012

Gadbois said about 116,000 people go downtown each day. Of those, about 85 percent drive alone. That’s about as many people as our current transit system can handle, he said.

To see real improvement in traffic conditions, he said, Austin would have to reduce the amount of such commuters to about 80 percent. Ideally, that portion would be reduced to 70 percent, Gadbois said.

Downtown urban rail on track for November vote, Impact News, March 30, 2012

“The idea is not to just get rail for downtown Austin; it is to provide a core of rail that can help start to link all the [population] centers with one another,” said Glenn Gadbois, executive director of the newly formed nonprofit Movability Austin, which provides consultancy and policy advocacy services to its members


Movability Austin wants you to ride, KXAN, March 26, 2012

New transportation group forms in Austin, Austin Business Journal, March 26, 2012

Movability Austin is an organization that works to solve transportation issues for employees by providing consultancy services. Businesses with 50 or fewer workers can join for $250 per year, and companies with more than 50 employees pay the same yearly amount plus $1.50 per person, per year.


Downtown Austin employers form transportation organization, Impact News, March 23, 2012

[Movability Austin] provides transportation consultancy services for employers to help  solve transportation problems for employees and set up incentives to remove single-passenger vehicles from the roads during rush hour.

Some of those incentives are pre-tax credit for employees who opt to use public transit, parking cashouts for those willing to give up their downtown parking space certain days of the week, and discount passes for MetroRail and buses. The organization also works with employees to navigate the various options.

“When we do it right, the [Texas Transportation Institute] modeled that the downtown, Capitol and UT area have a significant opportunity to make a real difference here … one in four [employees], they project, would be willing to use opportunities besides driving alone,” Movability Austin Executive Director Glenn Gadbois said.




Movability Austin celebrated its one-year anniversary during an event with the Downtown Austin Alliance at St. David’s Episcopal Church, 301 E. Eighth St., that spotlighted three downtown employers that encourage employees to use different modes of transit in getting to and from work.