About Movability Austin

Movability Austin is a Transportation Management Association (TMA). Around the country, TMAs have proven valuable and effective in coordinating mobility programs and services. We were formed as a collaboration of public and private sector employers, property owners, and other users to improve mobility of downtown Austin and the roads and corridors that lead to it.

More than 60,000 employees and thousands of visitors come to Downtown Austin every day — and that number continues to grow as Central Texas grows. Every one of those people can tell you that getting into and around downtown can be a serious challenge. The downtown transportation network is operating at capacity. That means Central Texas’ economic engine can’t accelerate to full speed.

The city and region have devoted much time and energy to increase that capacity, for all modes of travel — from roads and rail to sidewalks and trails. Many of those planned projects’ completion timeline extend past 2035.

In the meantime, there are viable, effective and cost-efficient strategies to manage downtown mobility. Movability Austin helps employers, employees, and others to find, choose, and use existing transportation options and implement new ideas for keeping the central city moving.

Why do we need a TMA?

Transportation is a complex issue influenced by decisions we all make. No single government agency, service provider, or private-sector interest can create real improvement in mobility while working alone.

While many public and private entities in Austin have developed good ideas for making travel easier, those ideas will be more effective if they’re part of a coordinated strategy that is implemented on a daily basis. Movability Austin has been created to help fill that need.

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