Movability Leading the Way in TDM

Movability’s own Alix Scarborough was one of 18 emerging leaders in transportation demand management (TDM) selected to take part in a recent leadership summit. The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) hosted the ImpACT! Leadership program, which brought together a cross-section of TDM professionals around the country from public and private organizations. The leadership program sets up participants with leadership training and ongoing mentors.  

Alix had previously won a 40 Under 40 award from ACT for her TDM leadership in her role as Movability Program Manager. Alix consults with downtown employers to turn mobility challenges into tools that help them meet business goals like recruitment and retention. She works with companies and agencies around the greater Austin area to develop and implement mobility plans that align with their business interests.

TDM is playing a larger role in mobility, as cities, employers, and individuals grapple with the effects of traffic congestion. By shifting some commutes away from single-vehicle, rush-hour travel, cities can mitigate some congestion and employers gain back time.

Best of all, TDM isn’t infrastructure-intensive. While building new lanes and transit infrastructure can be a valuable part of a region’s mobility planning, employers can put mobility policies like telework or parking space buyouts into place immediately.

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