Downtown Austin Alliance is One of America’s Best Workplace for Commuters

The Downtown Austin Alliance, under whose management Movability operates, has been named one of the 2018 Best Workplaces for Commuters. The list is comprised of  a select group of U.S. employers recognized for offering employees exceptional commuter benefits.

Part of what makes the Downtown Alliance a great workplace for commuters is the organization’s commitment to providing at least five means of support to help employees leave their cars at home, including designating a central point of contact for employee commuter questions and providing an Emergency Ride Home program for employees. Movability helped the Downtown Alliance with its mobility program, and Downtown Alliance employees use options from flex hours to transit and bike riding to get to work without wasting time in traffic.

Like so many Central Austin employers, the Downtown Alliance faces challenges related to mobility including parking costs, time spent in rush hour traffic, and employee well being. Those dynamics are leading more and more employers to think about mobility plans like the one Movability created for the Downtown Alliance, which can help employees connect with the options that work best for their work demands and personal lives.

“Our commuter benefit program is a hit with our employees,” said Molly Alexander, executive vice president of economic development for the Downtown Alliance. “It has led to an increase in productivity, helped with retention, and put us on the map for attracting top talent.”

The Downtown Alliance was in good company this year; IBM and the City of Austin were also named as Best Workplaces for Commuters.

If you’re interested in developing commuter benefits for your employees or connecting with other employers to learn best practices, contact us at Movability!

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