Mobility We’re Thankful For

It’s that time of year when we all reflect on what we’re grateful for, and we at Movability have a long list!

This year we launched a new membership program, and the response has been tremendous. With a new structure in place that has helped our staff better serve our members’ needs, as well as new offerings, we’ve added more than 20 new members and welcomed back renewing members. The new program allows members to engage at the level that is right for them, whether that’s through networking events or custom mobility consulting. With so many employers on board, our member events like trainings, educational webinars, and networking get-togethers have more impact for those involved.

The leadership and vision our members themselves have is another thing we’re thankful for. Whether it’s Merck, which has made developing a mobility policy as part of its new presence in Austin a priority, or established Austin employers like Endeavor Real Estate, which wants to better serve its clients and help employees boost their job satisfaction by spending less time in traffic, our members are doing great work. And together they are part of the solution to reduce the negative impacts traffic congestion has on time, budgets, and health.

Our founding partners have also done some noteworthy work this year. Capital Metro has put some of its 2025 plan into place with more frequent service on many routes and a new fare structure. It’s also started some new bus lines that, together with the MoPac Express lanes, will give many suburban commuters better options. The City has started work on the Mobility Bond projects voters approved funding for last year, with new signals, sidewalks, and bike lanes included in that work. And the Downtown Austin Alliance has completed a parking study and is guiding the development of a long-term vision for Congress Avenue.

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