Meet Movability Member Holtzman Partners!

Holtzman Partners, an Austin-based full service accounting firm, is one of our newest members. 

Like many Austin employers, Holtzman Partners is growing and has employees widely dispersed around Austin – and with that comes transportation challenges!

Austin’s fast growth has presented us at Holtzman Partners with exciting opportunities, such as the chance to enter new service lines with a wider variety of great clients, as well as getting to see our own firm grow with the addition of new team members,” says Managing Partner Chris Perkins. “Our team is increasingly challenged by commuting issues, whether it’s headed to the office or to our client locations. Holtzman Partners joined Movability to help us understand the best options to reduce stress and commute time for our employees, without sacrificing service to our clients.”

Long commute times and increasingly difficult parking solutions impact the team’s morale, as well as daily efficiency. At the same time, the company knows it’s not alone – many employers are experiencing challenges around transportation, and Holtzman Partners also wants to connect with other Austin employers to learn about and share different solutions.

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