How MoPac Lanes Will Give You More Options

If you’re a commuter who uses MoPac, the construction taking place there to add a managed lane in each direction has probably felt like a long slog.

Now that the construction is nearing an end – really and truly – you may be wondering how one lane is really going to help your commute. After all, the folks at Central Texas Mobility Authority (CTRMA) have said it’s not meant for everyday use by drivers commuting at peak times. But for people looking for a way to use transit from the more northern suburbs, that lane will make a difference.

The variable toll on the new lanes is designed to prevent congestion in each of the managed lanes. When the traffic increases, the toll does too. That keeps things flowing in that lane, which is free for buses and emergency vehicles. And because the traffic will always be moving in the managed lanes, the Express bus routes that bring commuters into downtown will no longer be sitting in the same traffic as everyone else. Those commuters will be able to kick back with Wi-Fi and zip past the congestion.

Capital Metro is changing some of its Express Route buses and adding new Express routes to take advantage of the new managed lanes. Read more about the new routes here.

If you’re a commuter who’s curious about trying out transit, this fall is a great time to try out the new routes and enjoy a more relaxed trip to work!

Photo via MoPac Improvement Project

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