Fifth Street Now Two-Way

In an effort to improve access and reduce congestion downtown, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) has converted a one-way stretch of Fifth Street to two-way traffic. Reopened on Wednesday, Aug. 23, Fifth Street now consists of two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane between Brazos Street and the I-35 Southbound Frontage Road. Previously, road users could only use the three-lane street to travel eastbound.

The conversion involved installing new signals, adjusting signage, and restriping lanes. The City anticipates that this change will reduce the congestion that occurs when Sixth Street is closed during entertainment hours by improving overall east- and westbound downtown travel times. ATD has said that the change won’t affect signal priority patterns or vehicle capacity.

Another great way to keep traffic moving downtown is to shift the way people travel! If just a few commuters change the way they get around, it makes a big difference in traffic flow. If you’re an employer who wants to know more about how to keep your employees moving and reclaim time from traffic, contact us to learn more about how we can help.


Photo via City of Austin

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