Back to School, Guadalupe Repairs, and Traffic, Oh My!

Next week heralds the long-anticipated (or dreaded, depending on your take) return to school. And while it’s impossible to predict what the school year has in store for students of all ages, it is entirely possible to predict that back-to-school time will bring increased rush hour traffic.

But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget that repairs to Guadalupe Street are still going on, as well as work on MoPac. That means the potential for more snarls than usual during peak travel times.

Instead of resigning yourself to sitting in that traffic, why not try options? A bus ride might give you added time to read, email, or catch up on your social media. Carpooling saves on gas and parking. If you live close enough to work, an active commute like biking or walking will give you your workout for the day. And if you’re an employer interested in taking back time and revenues lost to employees sitting in traffic, contact us and learn more about how to create a custom mobility plan!

Image via Creative Commons

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