New Bike Safety System in the Works

The growth in Austin’s bike network has been a boon to cyclists who want to get around on two wheels, but bike crashes do still happen – particularly at night.

A City of Austin Public Works employee, Robin Camp, is setting out to reduce those crashes and hopefully save lives. Camp, whose brother was hit and killed by a drunk driver while he was riding a bicycle, has proposed a plan to light up bike lanes.

The City’s Idea Accelerator program gave Camp $8,000 in funding to develop the idea. A prototype Camp’s been working on has embedded lights in the ground at intersections. Those lights would then start to flash as a cyclist in the approaches the intersection, lighting up the rider and alerting drivers that a cyclist is there.

Camp told KXAN that the team developing the system will study data for another month, and hopefully have an Austin pilot program in place within a year.

One Response to New Bike Safety System in the Works

  1. john says:

    Good idea, but the elephant in the room is unsafe motorists. Yes, let’s add these kinds of safety features, but how about we start taking drunk driving/hit and runs/ car aggression a whole lot more seriously. How about instead of people getting a slap on the wrist for hitting a cyclist/pedestrian/other driver we put these reckless drivers in prison for 10 years hard labor (first offense)? Let’s quit acting like being able to drive is a Natural Right and start treating it as something that people only get to do when they act responsibly.