Movability Highlights Change and Growth in Annual Report

Movability Austin saw a lot of big changes in 2016, including a shift into the Downtown Austin Alliance family and a new membership program. The report is available here.

Here’s an excerpt:

“As is the case in growing cities across the U.S., Austin is experiencing mobility challenges that threaten economic success, public health, and affordability. While our transportation infrastructure has seen some updates, they haven’t kept pace with the region’s population growth. We cannot build our way out of congestion therefore much of our work is building demand. As we build demand for alternative ways to commute it is critical our transit partners continue to build their programs and services. Smaller projects and initiatives are also packing a big punch:

Capital Metro’s MetroWorks program and Ridesharing continued to grow this year and have given employers an easy way to help employees connect with mobility options. And public-private initiatives like the new Market District shuttle run by Chariot – as well as Chariot’s service for Austin commuters – are new mobility options that will allow commuters more access to alternative commutes.”

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