Frustration, Thy Name Is Parking

A recently-completed draft of a Downtown Austin parking study proposes solutions that may help address both congestion and parking challenges, as the number of people coming into downtown grows and development is projected to surge ahead in coming years.

A large part of the recommendations around improving the parking experience in downtown includes helping downtown employees connect with mobility options, thus reducing the parking demand and reducing the congestion caused by vehicles circling to search for parking.

The Downtown Austin Alliance hired Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates to develop downtown parking strategies, and began that work a year ago. Now the initial report and a set of 19 recommendations are done.

Survey responses that Nelson/Nygaard gathered show that almost 75% of downtown employers provide free or subsidized parking, yet few downtown employers offer comprehensive mobility programs to encourage travel by other modes.

By increasing the use of transportation demand management (TDM), which helps more people use alternative transportation options, the demand for parking could ease up. Other recommendations include evaluating the possibility of a park-and-ride circulator to improve transit connections and access to more remote parking; support for employee mobility programs; and revisions to the zoning code to better support walkable, mixed-use development within the downtown.

The findings support the work that Movability Austin does with employers, helping them develop mobility policies and giving their employees better access to options from teleworking and flex hours to transit passes or car share memberships.

Are you an Austin employer frustrated by the high costs or dearth or parking? Contact us to talk about how we can help!

Click here to learn more about the parking strategy.

Photo courtesy of Nelson/Nygaard

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