Member Spotlight

We’re excited to welcome some new members and welcome back renewing members to Movability. Read on to learn who they are, what they do in Austin, and why they see being mobility leaders as so important for our community.

  • Stitch Fix is a well-known online personal styling service for women and men that blends personal styling expertise with algorithms to deliver highly personalized apparel and accessories selected to fit clients’ tastes, lifestyles, and budgets. Stitch Fix joined Movability in an effort to solve its parking and commute problems in downtown Austin. As the company prepares to launch a new commuter benefit program, Stitch Fix is partnering with Movability to provide the appropriate resources and encourage solutions that fit its employees lifestyle and budget.


  • Jackson Walker is renewing its Movability Membership, and we couldn’t be happier! As Austin’s largest law firm, Jackson Walker is a mobility leader in Austin. As Jackson Walker Partner and Movability Board Chair Jim Pledger said, “Sitting in traffic isn’t the best use of our time. We are committed to reducing employees sitting in rush hour traffic.”


  • Freewheeler is a digital TDM (transportation demand management) engagement platform. The app automatically tracks commutes and identifies more active travel modes. That means it’s helping employers and individuals incentivize healthier commutes with points and rewards, and at the same time providing multimodal transport data. Freewheeler joined Movability to network and share ideas on reducing car use.

  • Chariot, which is already a Movability member, is stepping up to be a sponsor in the 2017 Mobility Challenge Partnership. San Francisco-based Chariot entered the Austin market last October, offering crowd-sourced shuttle routes for commuters.


If Movability membership looks like it would make sense for you or your employees, learn more about joining here!

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  1. Dorothy Doolittle says:

    Can an individual downtown resident become a member of Downtown Austin Alliance?