Electrifying News in Transportation

There’s new energy in the Seaholm EcoDistrict! Last week, Austin Energy unveiled Electric Drive, a multi-use recharging station powered entirely by renewable energy. The charging kiosk and ports for electric vehicles are at home on a street that got an an honorary designation as “Electric Drive” along West Second Street, coordinated by the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) in 2015.

The goal of this street name is to enhance this downtown area through the association of a street name more in line with its location, characteristics, new charging station infrastructure, information displays and history.

Electric Drive also serves as a mobility hub that features bike sharing, car sharing, access to the hike-and-bike trail, and charging options for two- and four-wheel electric vehicles. For information on rebates and services for drivers and riders of electric vehicles, go to PlugInAustin.com.

Elsewhere in the city, ATD installed a northbound bike lane on Comal Street between Fifth and 11th streets in February, improving an important north-south bike route that runs parallel to I-35 in East Austin. Through a stakeholder input process, ATD heard that this route is a valuable asset for cyclists traveling between East Austin, downtown and other areas. It is also an identified bike route in the City of Austin Bicycle Master Plan.

Comal Street connects Central East Austin with the Butler Hike and Bike Trail as well as Fourth and Fifth streets, which lead to the Montopolis Bridge to the east and downtown to the west, creating further opportunities to travel safely by bicycle.

Do you hope to see more projects like this in your area? Let the City know! Although ATD just wrapped up Walk+Bike Talks, a series of open house meetings throughout Austin, they are still holding a Virtual Open House where you can provide online input on the prioritization of needs in the Bicycle Master Plan. Your input will shape which projects are prioritized and funded from a variety of funding sources, including the 2016 Mobility Bond. Participate online here through April 15.

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