A Road By Any Other Name…

People get creative when it comes to dealing with Austin gridlock, but this might be a first: a book of poetry dedicated to Austin traffic. Traffickwocky, authored by TexMoPac, offers a humorous and lyrical take on the congestion woes most Austin drivers feel.

While TexMoPac gets bonus points for creativity, we can think of a few other ways to cast off the albatross of Austin traffic.

Trying transit, carpooling, ridesharing, or biking – even if it’s only one or two times a week – may open your eyes to some of the perks that come with using options, like getting time to read or type as someone else is driving you, or getting a workout in on your way to work. And when it comes to MoPac, the bane of TexMoPac’s travels, take heart: once the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s (CTRMA) new express lanes open it will be even easier to take Capital Metro’s express buses from suburban areas. Those buses will enjoy a smooth, fast ride down the new lanes, bypassing congestion on the highway. And for commuters that means one more time- and money-saving way to get downtown!

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