UFCU Walks the Walk with Mobility

working-from-homeUniversity Federal Credit Union (UFCU) began the Mobility Challenge back in 2014, and the company has been busy since then working on ways to reduce the number of employees driving alone at peak rush hours.

Most recently, that has involved building up its teleworking program. UFCU partnered with The Thrival Company in 2016 to provide training to its leaders and employees to help them be successful in a mobile working environment.

Jeff Flanagan, Manager for Compensation and Benefits with UFCU, says while UFCU has had a small contingent of teleworkers for the past seven years, the company is looking to expand that number in support of the Mayor’s Mobility Challenge initiative – in which the City has encouraged employers to reduce the number of drive-alone, rush hour commutes by 20% by the year 2020. During the recent trainings, 30 leaders and 40 employees participated in training sessions, which focused on communication and addressing concerns of working and managing in a telework environment.

“We are looking to expand this as a viable option to the traditional commute to our main headquarters location,” Flanagan says. “As a result of the recent training, we have added nine employees to our list of teleworkers, and will be adding more into 2017 and beyond.  My vision is that within four years every job role at UFCU that is suitable for telework, does so at least part of the time.”

Screen-shot-2015-09-28-at-2.29.30-PMTeleworking is a good fit for UFCU, Flanagan says, because of supportive leadership that understands the role mobility plays in a healthy company and healthy city.

“As an Employer of Choice, we understand how critical providing mobility options, including telework, is when it comes to staff engagement and retention. Further, we strive to be good corporate citizens in our community, and understand a strong telework program can contribute to alleviating some of Austin’s traffic woes.”

If you’re an Austin employer interested in learning how to implement mobility strategies like teleworking into your workplace policies, contact Alix Scarborough to learn about membership or Thomas Butler to learn more about participating in the Mobility Challenge.

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