Chariot Announces First Austin Routes

chariot-shot1Back in October, San Francisco-based Chariot announced that it was going to start operating in Austin – initially through a partnership with Movability Austin, the City, Capital Metro, and the Rocky Mountain Institute bringing shuttle service to some Market District companies – and then with crowd-sourced routes for all Austin commuters.

Those first public routes began on Dec. 7, and they even have names: the Lamar Bullet and the Riverside Rover. To celebrate the official launch, Chariot is providing free rides for the month of December.

The Lamar Bullet will run up South Lamar to Downtown, serving the South Lamar, Bouldin, Barton Hills, and Zilker neighborhoods. The Riverside Rover runs along Lakeshore and Travis Heights to Downtown.

These first two Chariot routes were the two most requested routes based on initial Chariot user sign-ups, the company said. Individual fares will cost around $4 to $5, with discounted monthly passes available in January. Chariot has said it plans to expand its fleet to add additional routes in January using its crowdsourcing process, where users “vote” to determine the location of the next live routes.

Here’s how Chariot’s crowdsourcing process works:

  • Chariot offers shuttle routes that have fixed stops in neighborhoods and transit hubs. The Chariots travel to busy areas where people work, and then bring them back at the end of the day.
  • Chariot decides where to launch these routes based on where people live, and where they need to go. Often, people use Chariots as part of their commute for their last mile of their trips to or from public transit stops.
  • If there’s not already a route serving your area, your sign-up counts as a “vote” to launch one near you. You can increase the votes by sharing with friends, colleagues and neighbors doing a similar commute to “crowdsource” your own route.

If you live in any of the neighborhoods that these initial routes serve and you’re looking for a convenient alternative commute, give Chariot a try! And if you are hoping for a route near you, don’t forget to vote on Chariot’s app.

One Response to Chariot Announces First Austin Routes

  1. Kathy Wood says:

    Since the bus routes stop at the airport, having a Chariot run through the neighborhoods between the airport and F1 would be great as there is not an easy and safe way to get to the airport bus without driving and parking at the airport, which can get expensive. Since Austin couldn’t be bothered to annex the neighborhoods when they annexed the track (taking away the tax money that could have been used to improve transportation issues in the area), we are woefully under-served in terms of public transportation.