Mobility We’re Thankful For

Whether you’re loving 2016 or ready to see it go, there’s a lot to be thankful for in the world of Austin mobility. Here’s what we at Movability are most grateful for.

  • bikes_on_pfuger_croppedAustin Mayor Steve Adler’s Year of Mobility: between championing the 2016 Mobility Bond Program and meeting with Austin employers to talk about the Mobility Challenge, Adler has walked the walk (no pun intended) when it comes to helping our city move out of gridlock and start using mobility options.
  • MoPac’s new managed lanes: yes, the construction has been a pain in the neck. But one lane is now partially open, and the remaining lanes are not far behind. And once Express Buses have an unimpeded lane to zip through, they will become a much quicker and attractive option to many commuters.
  • Capital Metro’s new fare structure: earlier this year, Capital Metro decided to do away with its premium fare. Beginning January 8, 2017, Capital Metro services will have just two fares: local and commuter. MetroRapid and Flyer buses will now be the same price as all Metro Buses, while MetroRail and Express buses will be at the commuter tier. That mean travelers will have an easier time figuring out which ticket or pass to buy, and will have an easier time transferring between routes too.
  • Disrupters: things are changing fast in the world of transportation, and some of those changes will really benefit commuters by giving them myriad options beyond getting into their car at rush hour. One of those disrupters that we’re especially happy about is setting up right here in Austin: Chariot. Shuttle van startup Chariot, in partnership with Movability Austin, the City of Austin, Capital Metro, and Rocky Mountain Institute, is rolling out downtown circulators for some Market District companies. Chariot will also be serving the larger Austin community with crowd-sourced shuttle routes.
  • Austin employers: instead of complaining about traffic’s impact on profitability and affordability, Austin employers of all sizes are stepping up to do something about it. To date, more than 30 Austin employers have signed on the Mobility Challenge pledge, working with Movability Austin’s mobility consultants to help expand options for their employees.

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