Prop 1 Passes


Austin voters said “yes” to Proposition 1 on Nov. 8, and now the City is getting to work on the $720 million Mobility Bond Program. That bond includes regional mobility projects like improvements on Loop 360 and 2222, improvements on eight Austin corridors, and local mobility projects like addressing sidewalks and adding bikeways. The entire bond program is scheduled be completed within eight years from the time it starts.

In a general sense, these projects – together with initiatives like the Mobility Challenge – could make travel easier for Austin residents by improving mobility options like biking, transit and walking, and by improving traffic flow with transit-only lanes, better traffic signal timing and utility issues.

If you’re wondering what the bond’s passage means in the near-term, the City just put out a memo outlining what steps will come first.

In the next 90 days, City staff will hit the ground running. The City Manager’s office is beginning “coordination, design, and engineering activities as soon as possible for all projects associated with the $482 million Corridor Improvement Projects.” The City will hire a Corridor Consultant, who will help staff get the corridor construction program underway.

The City is also preparing to amend its budget in order to support a quick implementation of the bond’s programs and projects, including sidewalks and bikeways.

There will be public input and engagement opportunities throughout the process as well, including citizen boards and commissions. Stay tuned for more details!

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