Searching for Safety on the Road

cmta-media-page-hero-imageRoad fatalities are rising; in the U.S., more than 17,000 people died in traffic incidents in the first six months of 2016, a 10% increase from the same time last year. In Austin, there have been 54 traffic fatalities as of Oct. 14. Experts say the one of the main reasons behind the rise in traffic deaths is distracted driving.

At the same time, a report recently came out with information about how commuters can reduce their crash risk by more than 90% – by using transit.

The study finds that transit-oriented communities are five times safer, with roughly one fifth the per capita traffic casualty rate as auto-oriented communities – which means even for those not using public transit, there are safety benefits. And it details how traveling by public transportation is 10 times safer per mile than traveling by auto.

In many cities, public transportation options have been lagging. Fortunately Austin commuters have been gaining more and more choices to help them access transit. Employers can use Capital Metro’s MetroWorks or its RideSharing program to help connect more employees with transit. Several downtown employers have begun using Chariot to help employees bridge the last-mile gap between transit and work – a pilot that could lead to expanded service in downtown Austin. And Capital Metro will soon add new and more frequent Express routes to suburban areas outside of Central Austin.

If you’re an employer interested in learning more about how to connect employees with mobility options like transit – as well as other options – contact us!


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