Evolving Past Parking

urlWhy should businesses and organizations adopt a mobility policy? There are quite a few reasons, but one of the pricier ones is parking.

Downtown office space is at a premium. So much so in fact, that according to JLL, Austin’s central business district is one of the most expensive office markets in the country. Those prices mean that developers and businesses need to focus on increased efficiency and density – and that doesn’t leave room for parking.

An article that RealMassive published recently points out that the average parking ratio for downtown Austin office buildings is 2.53 spaces per 1,000 square feet, with the average cost of a parking space running $142 per month.

Unsurprisingly, downtown employers are finding that it’s difficult to find enough parking, and to justify the costs, to support an entire office driving alone to work. And it’s exactly why several downtown employers have turned to Movability for help.

Netspend is one company that was running out of parking for its downtown employees. Movability worked with the company to connect its employees with mobility options that mean they don’t have to rely on driving and parking.

There are more and more mobility options available to commuters in Austin; contact us at Movability to find out how to take advantage of them, and free your business from parking woes!

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