More Employers Looking at Commuting as a Hiring and Retention Issue

The Austin Business Journal recently wrote about companies beginning to consider commute times when they think about location, in part because commute times affect hiring and retention.

TrafficJamFrustration“Data now reveals that commute time can have a major negative impact on new hire retention. Firms like Xerox, KeyBank, and Gate Gourmet and advisory firms including Kenexa, Workday, and Evolv have found a connection in many jobs between commute time and new-hire retention and new hire success. Research by consultant Jeff Parks found that at one manufacturer ‘at 13 miles, which is about a 30-45 minute commute, the probability of quitting jumped to more than 92 percent’,” wrote Dr. John Sullivan in the human resources publication ERE.

The ERE article goes on to suggest that in order to retain talent, employers should consider flexible work options, including flex hours, subsidized transit passes, or remote work.

If you’re an employer thinking about this problem, there’s good news: participating in Austin’s Mobility Challenge means you get expert help from Movability Austin on how to incorporate the mobility options that are the right fit for you and your employees into your workplace. Contact Thomas Butler to learn more about participating in the Mobility Challenge.

And for those thinking about making transit more accessible to employees, check out this Capital Metro event, coming up on August 24: CapMetro Coffee for HR Professionals. This free event will give employers a chance to learn more about the MetroWorks program.


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