Capital Metro’s Vision for the Future

A year ago Capital Metro launched Connections 2025 to study Austin’s bus system and get the feedback from riders and non-riders alike needed to build a plan for the next decade. The draft of that plan is now available, and Capital Metro is asking for public input.

As part of the process, the agency held open houses, community meetings, and did a survey. The results, Capital Metro says, are clear: most people want more frequency on key corridors and an overall easier bus riding experience.

In response, Capital Metro’s draft plan proposes creating a more connected, frequent, and fast bus system. Some of the proposal highlights include:

  • More frequent service for more ridersService every 10-15 minutes within walking distance for more people – over half a million.
  • More routes in the High-Frequency Route NetworkIncreased from six to 17 routes.
  • Bus service closer to more people6 percent of existing riders would be within a quarter mile (a 5-minute walk), and 99.4 percent within a half mile (a 10-minute walk) of a bus stop.
  • More options for East-West travelExpanded route options and greater frequency in both directions.
  • Just two fare levelsPremium fare would be eliminated. Local fare would then apply to Local (MetroBus) and Premium (MetroRapid and Flyer Routes 100-199) services. Commuter fare would still apply to MetroRail, & MetroExpress Routes 900-990.
  • More direct routes between concentrated areas of housing and employment.

Now is your chance to read the draft plan and weigh in on it! From Sept. 6-16 Capital Metro will be conducting more open houses and outreach events, and gathering input from online comments, social media, phone calls, and email. Check out the video below or read the plan for more information.

One Response to Capital Metro’s Vision for the Future

  1. Dorothy Doolittle says:

    It would be nice to have more east to west routes.
    Better sidewalks
    Better stops with benches and cover on many like 803 &. 801