Back to School….and Back to Traffic

bus-878697_960_720Schools and universities are about to start up again, and that means traffic patterns are also going to change. While summer’s flexibility gave some the chance to try new options, a return for most people to predictable work and school schedules means that rush hour traffic will be pretty rough.

Luckily, many employers and individuals have the mobility smarts to avoid wasting time in traffic. Want to be the one in the room who saves time (and possibly money) by using mobility options? Here’s how:

  • Austin weather is pretty unpredictable (as we all know from this week), but it’s pretty safe to assume that it will start cooling down soon. That may make bike commuting a more attractive idea. If you live too far for a bike commute, or if the heat is too much for a long ride, you can have the best of all worlds by taking your bike on the train or bus, or by taking advantage of an Austin B-Cycle station near a transit stop. St. David’s Episcopal Church offers commuter bike storage, lockers, and showers for downtown commuters, which makes it easier to get in and out of downtown!
  • Transit, either by bus or commuter rail, is a great way to get back some extra time in your day. Thanks to free Wi-Fi on Capital Metro buses and trains, you can get work done while someone else does the driving, or you can use that time to do all the things you can’t do behind the wheel of a car, like hunt for Pokemon, read a book, or browse social media. Don’t forget that on Aug. 22, some Capital Metro routes will see service changes. Talk to your employer about participating in MetroWorks to save money on transit passes!
  • Capital Metro also offers a ride sharing service. Talk to your employer about participating, or talk to your co-workers about setting up carpooling. It will give you a break from driving sometimes, help take cars off the road, and for employers participating in transportation programs like ride sharing, it can mean pre-tax benefits.

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