Tackling the Parking Problem

At one time downtown Austin was home to myriad, sprawling surface parking lots. But those days are fast disappearing, as our quickly-growing downtown’s land use needs shift. While using land for dense development rather than car storage is a good trend for the long-term health of our city, it has some major impacts on downtown […]

Capital Metro’s Vision for the Future

A year ago Capital Metro launched Connections 2025 to study Austin’s bus system and get the feedback from riders and non-riders alike needed to build a plan for the next decade. The draft of that plan is now available, and Capital Metro is asking for public input. As part of the process, the agency held […]

It’s Never Too Early to Plan for SXSW

Got your mind on Austin’s fall lineup of festivals? Well, we can’t blame you – but spare a minute to think forward to some of the panels you’d like to see come March when SXSW is underway. Capital Metro is hoping you’ll vote for a panel called The Revolution of Transit Innovation. The panel would […]