It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a… Screen!

Visitors to City Hall may have noticed two new displays there with transit information.

They’re called TransitScreen, and they’re part of a system that show pedestrians, visitors, and employees real-time transportation information, including Capital Metro buses and trains, as well as nearby and available Car2Go and Zipcar cars and Austin B-Cycle bikes. There’s one TransitScreen in the City Hall atrium and a second in the outdoor courtyard.

Austin City Hall TransitScreen DisplayThe idea behind TransitScreen is to give people a side-by-side look at all their options in a glance. These aren’t estimated schedules, they’re live, so if the train or bus is running behind, you’ll see that reflected. That way you save time – if you know the bus is delayed, that’s time you can use doing something other than sitting at the stop – and can make smart decisions on the go, like grabbing a carshare instead of a bikeshare if it’s raining.

The Austin Transportation Department says there aren’t plans at this point to put in more TransitScreens in other City buildings, but they hope that the demonstration at City Hall will encourage building owners, hotels, and employers to consider installing their own TransitScreen in their lobbies.

Ryan Croft, co-founder of TransitScreen, says there are more on the way in Austin, but none that can be publicly disclosed yet.

“We commercialized TransitScreen from a successful civic technology pilot project in the Washington DC area. We were convinced that people can make smarter and more sustainable decisions when real-time information is absolutely convenient and simple to use, and worked to make the same information available across all platforms including digital signage, desktop, mobile, and our SmartWalk digital projections,” Croft told TechCrunch.

Image courtesy of TransitScreen

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