Old Austin is Gone – it’s Time to Navigate New Austin

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 1.06.31 PMWhen U.S. Census Bureau numbers came out at the end of March showing that the Austin metro area now has more than two million residents, there was a lot of gnashing of teeth among those who inch through ever-increasing traffic congestion on a daily basis, and might feel like all two million are on the road at the exact same time as them every day.

We get it. Living in a quickly-growing city brings some great opportunities, but also some big challenges – especially when it comes to transportation. And those challenges aren’t going to just go away. Nor can we simply build our way out of our transportation dilemma, says the data from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Mobility Investment Priorities project. One of the takeaways from that project was that even if we build all the roads and transit projects that we have the funds for, traffic will get worse – 200% worse.

Public and private sector leaders know that business as usual isn’t going to work when it comes to improving mobility here, and many of them have been working hard to think about mobility in a new way.

Now it’s time for individual commuters to also start thinking about the options that do and don’t work for them. One way to do that, and help the region as a whole move forward on mobility and safety, is to chime in on the Mobility Talks process through the City.

From March 21 to May 8, the City is asking Austinites to weigh in online and in person about their priorities when it comes to improving Austin’s transportation network. Feedback from the online survey, public hearings, and open houses will be presented to the Austin City Council’s Mobility Committee on June 8.

Here’s information from the City on how to get involved with Mobility Talks and make your voice heard:

  1. Take the online survey.
  2. Find us around town as we take the survey to Council districts. We’ll be easily spotted in our blue Mobility Talks T-shirts.
  3. Have a conversation online at SpeakUp Austin.
  4. Participate in an April Conversation Corps session in your neighborhood to have a facilitated discussion with other Austinites. Please check back for dates/locations.
  5. Attend Mobility Talks Live, open house-style community events on April 20 at Crockett High School and April 23 at the Northwest Recreation Center. At Mobility Talks Live, you can learn about what’s being done to address mobility and discuss what you believe should be done. Find out more about the April 20 Mobility Talks Live. Find out more about the April 23 Mobility Talks Live.
  6. Attend a public hearing at Boards and Commissions. Click here to get details for those meetings.

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One Response to Old Austin is Gone – it’s Time to Navigate New Austin

  1. M1EK says:

    More study, when we all know what needs to be done (or at least, those honest enough know what needs to be done).


    The members of the establishment who shepherded 2014’s bad rail plan to the voters despite having no support from actual transit advocates who know their salt are to blame for us losing many years. Time to listen to the right people, folks.