Last Mile Conundrum

When you have a bus stop a few steps from your front door, the choice to ride transit might be simple. But we often hear from commuters along the lines of “I would take the bus, but the stop is a mile from my house!”Screen shot 2016-04-19 at 10.18.35 AM

Finding a way to go that “last mile or less” between the bus or train and your home (or office) might be the key in making transit work for you. But why believe us? Here are some true stories of finding last mile love.

Commuter Matt came to us saying he really wanted to ride the bus but didn’t think it could work for him. We found out he had actually tried the bus before from his home in Northwest Hills – but a long walk in the heat plus missing his transfer made it an experience he wasn’t excited about. Instead, we suggested he try a “create your own park and ride.” This way, he could drive into a MetroRapid stop with plentiful parking nearby, and take just one Rapid bus into his office. Just imagining this kind of commute made him grin!

For commuters heading to the northwest corner of downtown, it’s a long uphill trek from the Downtown MetroRail Station near the Convention Center. Chelsea’s office at 15th St. and West Ave seemed like an impossible distance – until she started thinking about options other than walking. Chelsea discovered that she could hop on a B-Cycle, grab a Car2go, or even transfer to a bus to make the train work for her.

Ready to find your own last-mile love? Read Capital Metro’s great blog post to get some ideas.

photo credit: Lauren Lindley

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