Goodwill and Caritas Execs Raise the Bar for Other Mobility Challenge Leaders

We love the creative gusto with which Jerry Davis, CEO of Goodwill Central Texas, launched Goodwill’s employee mobility survey. Davis made a creative and entertaining vScreen shot 2016-04-06 at 12.28.56 PMideo (we will share that video as soon as it’s available) for Goodwill employees taking a humorous look at all the mobility options employees can use – including swimming! His delivery may have been funny, but his message was serious: if we continue to drive alone at peak hours, traffic will only get worse. Kudos to Davis for getting a serious message across in a fun way sure to catch employees’ eyes.

Jo Kathrynn Quinn, executive director for Caritas, took advantage of April Fool’s Day to send an email she knew people would open with the subject line “Both our parking lots SOLD!” Needless to say, Quinn truly is worried about losing their parking and wants her employees to be prepared, so she used the “April Fools” to ask employees to try out a “Cash not Parking” pilot program. Because she’s not willing to ask her employees to do something she wouldn’t do, Quinn then outlined how she’s using mobility options to get to work and to get around during the day. She says, “If I can participate [in the “Cash not Parking” pilot], anyone can.”

So now the challenge is on for other CEOs and managers. How can you show your employees you are serious about meeting the Mayor’s Mobility Challenge? Take a cue from these Austin employers, and send us your creative promotions or contact us. We will help you get something done. As Jerry says, “if we do nothing, it [traffic] will only get worse.”

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