SXSW’s Big Transportation Year

Only the Brits could think SXSW is a “secret festival” gathering, but this week news outlets as far away as the Guardian did two stories (SXSW: the secret festival gathering for 20 US mayors with tech agendas and ‘We’re just getting started’: inside Austin’s contentious clash with Uber and Lyft) on Austin. Mainly because last […]

Austin’s Most Urban Week of the Year

You may have noticed a few more people downtown this week… and a few more pedicabs, shuttle buses, oh and a giant ferris wheel, too! We’re right in the thick of SXSW, and many streets downtown look dramatically different.                       Photo by @walkableaustin We had […]

Expanding Transit Options

We’ve written in the past about park & rides, and how they’re a great way to let people drive where there’s not much traffic, on their local streets, and use transit on crowded arterials that come into the city. With that in mind, it’s great to hear that Capital Metro and the City of Hutto […]