Studio 8 Employees Playing with their Commutes

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 8.56.29 PMStudio 8 employees are challenging each other to see who is the most talented commute shopper in the office. In partnership with Movability Austin, Studio 8 Architects is hosting a Commute Smackdown – an office-wide competition to determine who is the savviest commuter of them all.

Competition has been fierce. At the top of the chart, six employees have already each racked up over 300 points by walking, biking, carpooling, taking transit, and even working flex hours in the quest to earn the coveted grand prize – a full day of paid time off.

To sweeten the deal, Studio 8 is also offering a prime parking spot for carpoolers, free transit passes (courtesy of Capital Metro), and free lunch for each week’s top-ranking commuter. Plus, the whole office is working together to reach a total of 7,000 points during the game – which will earn the whole company a special happy hour bash.

But employees are finding benefits in using options beyond the potential prizes.

Olga says, “I want to use transit so that I can read on the bus.”

Chelsea is using her bus time to study for her architecture licensing exam.

Marisa says the Smackdown gave her just the push she needed. “I finally got over the hump of figuring out my public transit routes and it really could not have been easier. I just needed a kick in the butt and someone to challenge me. I get to read and relax and get the satisfaction that I’m taking one car off the road!”

Valentina Schifano, Designer at Studio 8 and on-site game guru, observes, “Last week, we had a group try out B-Cycle to get to lunch. A couple of employees also decided to carpool in their own vehicle, so we raced to see whether bike or car was faster! The bikes definitely came out on top – no need to circle or pay for parking,” says

“Even after just three weeks, the change has been dramatic! Our parking lot is consistently more empty, and that’s even with a new parking sharing calendar we’re testing out. The employees are being creative with their commute options and really having fun,” says Valentina,
There is one week left in the Studio 8 Commute Smackdown. Can the team reach 7,000 points? Who will take home the grand prize? Will Chelsea pass her exam? Stay tuned for these answers and more!

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