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Just in case you aren’t already thinking about it, SXSW is around the corner: March 11-20 with music, interactive, and film events in every nook and cranny of downtown. There will be 90,000 extra people coming downtown for SXSW events. Most of them will be walking, bicycling, using transit or shuttling – but some will drive.

SXSW plans its transportation year round and is now offering its event goers a wide array of options to get from hotel to the convention center and the information needed to get around once downtown. SXSW is even looking for travel concierges (contact Movability if you are interested) to help event goers understand how to use all of the options available.

Even with all of this, traffic will be much worse with the few additional out-of-towners driving, the additional shuttles, and the additional uber/lyft/taxi/black car pick-ups and drop offs.

If you’re a downtown business – have you developed your SXSW plans? If you aren’t throwing up your hands and closing your doors for those 10 days in March, then you will need a commute plan for your employees. Here are some ideas to consider:

Allow your employees to leave early and work remotely for the final hours of the day, whether it is at home or just away from downtown.

  • Develop guidelines and clear expectations.
  • Treat it as a pilot or short-term experiment, because this can work for more than SXSW.
  • Most of the SXSW impact is after morning rush hour but then lasts mid-day and well into the evening.

Encourage employees to experiment with options. Your employees can:

  • Jump on transit. Just know that some buses and definitely the train will be even more packed than usual. SXSW-goers use the heck out of our transit system.
  • Form a group on Carma to share rides. The team approach can make traffic more tolerable, even if it doesn’t get them out of traffic.
  • Ride a bike or walk. For employees who live close to work this becomes the fastest and most efficient way to travel downtown.

If you need help developing commute options for your employees, call our help hotline. Movability will offer on-call emergency assistance to downtown employers from February 16 – March 1.

Employer Help Hotline


Available weekdays until March 1


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