TNC Update

Screen shot 2016-01-20 at 11.43.55 AMEarlier this month we wrote about the latest Council action regarding transportation network companies (TNCs) and the questions that are still up in the air around that issue.

While there have been no major developments, there are a few significant dates coming up:

  • Councilmembers have not yet specified what the incentives and disincentives that would compel TNCs to comply with fingerprinting background checks will look like. Further discussion about those incentives and penalties is set to take place at the Jan. 28 Council meeting.
  • Should Council decide to keep the ordinance as it is, the new fingerprinting requirements will go into effect in February, with the first benchmark date in May; Council is asking that TNCs have 25% of their drivers compliant with fingerprint background checks by then in order to avoid penalties.
  • The Ridesharing Works for Austin PAC has more than tripled its goal of 20,000 signatures on its petition to make the interim 2014 TNC rules permanent. Once verified by the City, this petition will require Council to either take action on the ordinance or submit it to a public vote. This Austin Monitor article takes a close look at the various “next step” possibilities, once the PAC’s signatures are verified.

For more background on the discussions around TNCs in Austin, check out this Austin Business Journal story on the impact TNCs have had on existing taxi companies, and the Austin Monitor Radio’s interview with Councilmember Ann Kitchen on TNCs that aired Jan. 18, 2016 by Michael Kanin.

image via Lyft

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