Help Capital Metro Transition to the Future of Transportation

In the last year Austin has seen many glimpses of the future of transportation: shared-use mobility (like car sharing and carpooling connections through Carma), app-based taxi-like options (think Uber and Lyft), integrated trip planning (the RideScout app does this well), and even self-driving vehicles (have you seen the Google Cars?) This was all topped off with Austin being chosen in a national search by Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) for the first ever pilot in how to develop “On-Demand” transportation. What could that mean for you? Imagine getting on your smartphone and requesting your whole trip, a trip that would be as convenient and cheap as driving your personal vehicle.Screen shot 2016-01-04 at 3.41.07 PM

Transit can be a crucial piece of this vision. Now imagine the trip you just scheduled has Lyft picking you up. Your ride drops you at an express transit stop just in time to get on, and you whisk most of the way to your destination while reading on your phone, then jump off to a waiting Uber ride to your destination. If this whole trip is simple, roughly as fast as driving and parking, and cheaper – people will take it. So now that Capital Metro has launched Connections 2025 – a comprehensive service analysis – you have the chance to talk about how you might use transit. It will be Capital Metro’s job to translate that back into big picture implications for their services.

We at Movability are very excited to be partnering with the organizations and agencies that are moving Austin towards that transportation future, which we believe will make commute options even better for everyone. If you’re excited too, we want your input. Please take a few minutes to give movability your feedback in our brief survey. We will use the data collected to inform Movability’s recommendations to Capital Metro and all those involved in planning for the future of Austin’s mobility.

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