From Diversity to Productivity: the Many Benefits of Flexibility in the Workplace

If your company prioritizes diversity, you’re already thinking about how you can recruit, retain, and promote women in your workplace. Maybe you are one of those companies that Forbes reported on last year in its study finding that the most financially successful companies were those with a higher percentage of women at all leadership levels.Screen shot 2016-01-20 at 11.39.22 AM

One way to recruit and retain more female leaders is to create a more flexible work place – inflexible work hours, long periods of time away from family, or long commutes often play a role in women’s decision to leave their job entirely when they start a family. Roughly 43% of women quit their jobs when they have children, while only 28% of men say that they’ve ever had to reduce their hours in order to care for a child or family member.

Organizational policies that emphasize productivity and results, rather than hours at a desk, can give mothers (and fathers) the ability to balance work and family life; but it is also helps every other employee to become more mobile and more productive. “Nontraditional work structures force organizations to measure employees on deliverables, not politics or likability, and that automatically levels the playing field for women,” says Debby Carreau, CEO and founder of Inspired HR, a human capital solutions provider. This may be why, according to, women make up 42% of the leadership at remote companies, compared with 14.2% in S&P 500 companies.

Flexibility of schedule and work location are benefits that most employees love. If you’re ready to let your team spend less time in traffic and more time moving your company forward, Movability Austin can help you develop and implement a custom telework program to meet your goals. Contact us today.

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