A New Year’s Resolution for the Options-Loving Commuter

Screen shot 2016-01-04 at 3.39.44 PMIt’s the first week of 2016. Are your New Year’s resolutions are going strong? Maybe you’ve vowed to make more healthy choices, or balance your personal budget a little better, or be more productive. As we’ve talked about in years past, using mobility options can help you accomplish all those goals. (If you’re new to using options, click here to learn the keys to changing behavior and making it stick!)

If you’re a seasoned options-loving commuter, though, you are already doing amazing things. Maybe it’s time to consider a new type of resolution. Maybe it’s time to recruit your employer to help you and others like you, if they aren’t already.

There are many ways that employers can make it easier for you to use commute options:

  • Paying for your transit pass, subsidizing vanpools, or even paying you a monthly amount to NOT park on site (then you get to decide what to do with that cash!)
  • Offering preferred parking for carpools and vanpools
  • Encouraging remote work or flexible schedule options, even just one day a week
  • Paying for rides to meetings that are farther away, and occasional emergency rides home for commuters without a car
  • Locating in an area with plenty of nearby options such as express buses, trains, and B-Cycle stations
  • Fostering a culture that encourages and celebrates commuters using options

Just asking for it can be enough to compel companies to begin providing assistance. And, you are doing something good for you, your employer, and the community. That should make it a win-win for companies to take steps making it as easy for you use mobility options as they have for people to choose driving alone. Whether you’re job hunting or just visiting HR for your annual benefits arrangements, consider talking to your employer about how you commute and why that’s important to you, and see how they can support your choice.

Is your employer interested in offering better options, but not sure where to start? Movability can help. Contact us at info@movabilityaustin.org

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