Weigh in on Austin’s Mobility Future

With Capital Metro’s new service planning and RMI piloting options for transportation as an “on demand” service, there is a lot happening quickly in Austin. We want to give you a chance to weigh in on what we think are some of the most important questions. Then Movability will work with Capital Metro and our […]

Automakers Are Shifting Their Focus

photo by Lynda Green photography for the Clean Air Campaign Much as it has in other areas, technology is beginning to disrupt traditional transportation – hopping in a car, driving alone, sitting in traffic. Car makers are making some major investments in a new future transportation. But guess what – it isn’t George Jetson flying […]

TNC Update

Earlier this month we wrote about the latest Council action regarding transportation network companies (TNCs) and the questions that are still up in the air around that issue. While there have been no major developments, there are a few significant dates coming up: Councilmembers have not yet specified what the incentives and disincentives that would […]