Getting Connectivity Right: San Jacinto vs. Speedway

This fall the City’s Active Transportation staff put the finishing touches on bicycle improvements along San Jacinto Blvd. between Speedway and Duval Streets. Those improvements include parking-protected bicycle lanes in the southbound direction and paint-buffered bicycle lanes in the northbound direction. The changes were made without taking away any on-street parking; the City reconfigured the […]

New Ways of Thinking about Productivity

How productive are your employees? Every company has their own way of measuring that – after all, employees are one of your most valuable resources. But in today’s world, where employees are working remotely and connected around the clock, and where the American economy is more focused on knowledge and creativity rather than physical production, […]

Health Bit: Get With The Beautiful People

Yet more research shows what ought to be intuitive by now – sitting in our cars is tough on mere mortals. More active ways of commuting lead to better health outcomes. “Great,” you might be thinking, “but riding my bike to work isn’t feasible. So why even bother to change my routine?” Well guess what […]