Uber for Kids?

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 5.11.09 PMOne of the most commonly-cited barriers to leaving a car at home is the need to chauffer kids around – to and from school, lessons, athletics, or other activities.

A few California entrepreneurs are blowing that barrier to smithereens. HopSkipDrive launched in Los Angeles last year, founded by three mothers who were fed up with the schlepping. This summer, it announced that it had raised nearly $4 million in additional funding, and is looking at expansion.

HopSkipDrive works like Uber, only it is aimed specifically at children ages 7 and up for $20 a ride. Its drivers are, the company says, subject to rigorous background checks. Another company that launched in San Francisco, Shuddle, provides a similar service.

Imagine if you could arrange for a ride on your busiest day or days of the week for your children – and instead of driving to work and sitting in traffic so that you could later pick them up at multiple points, you could breeze in and out of work in a carpool, bus, train, or even bike ride. So far, it’s gone over well with parents in California.

It’s another example of technology disrupting our traditional notions of transportation – and that may be a good thing.


photo courtesy of HopSkipDrive

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