All Grown Up: Looking Back on Capital Metro’s First 30 Years

When Capital Metro launched in 1985, Austin was a small Sunbelt city with some transit service, albeit nowhere near the networks in older cities. We were embarking on a new experiment, and there were lots of questions around transit’s role in Austin with the creation of Capital Metro. So UT hosted a conference of international experts […]

“Blocking the Box” Is a Behavior – How Do We Change It?

You may have heard: “Don’t Block the Box” is moving on to a new round of intersections. The City’s initiative to keep drivers from blocking intersections and crosswalks has been in effect since April, starting at major downtown intersections like Congress Ave. and Cesar Chavez, and now moving outward from downtown. So far, the City […]

Reconsidering the Traditional Commute

Last month the American Community Survey (ACS) released a new report: Who Drives to Work? Commuting by Automobile in the United States: 2013. The punch line is that most people are still driving alone to work, but that trend is dropping off slightly nation wide, and dropping most significantly among younger workers who live “in […]