Alternative Relationships With Alternative Transportation: Falling In Love With Your Commute

Part 2 in our “Alternative Relationships” series One of the reasons people continue to get in their cars alone and slog to work, even when it makes them miserable, is because once a routine becomes habit, it can be very hard to break out of it. You might not like your car commute, but it’s […]

Texas Legislature Accidentally Fosters Progressive Development

A Satirical Look At the Capitol Complex Facing increased pressures to both govern the state and appease constituents demanding reductions in the size and costs of state government, the Republican-controlled Texas Senate and House were able to find little agreement on any truly helpful bills facings Texas’ crises in healthcare, schools, and more in this […]

PARK(ing) Day is an Opportunity to Rethink our Space for People

If you’ve ever enjoyed your lunch on the patio at Royal Blue Grocery on Congress Ave. and 6th Street, then you’ve experienced the effects of PARK(ing) Day. Every year on this day, parking spaces on Congress Ave are temporarily converted into parks, art installations, and playful spaces. On Friday, September 18, PARK(ing) Day will hit […]