Transit’s Secret Weapon: Connectivity

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – transit has a trick up its sleeve. Something that will make buses and trains more attractive to more people, and make service smoother, too. In fact, many public transportation agencies are already using it! The trick is connectivity — in the form of wireless […]

Celebrity Commuting Advice

Movability Austin works with individuals and businesses downtown to help them find the commute options that work best – but don’t just take it from us when it comes to developing smart commuting strategies. We rounded up some expert advice on the subject:                 Pope Francis suggests reading […]

Cool Commuting Companies

Driving alone during peak rush hour traffic makes for unhappy and stressed employees, and can mean a big drain of time and money for businesses. That’s why so many companies in Austin are taking steps to promote alternative transportation for their employees by taking the Mobility Challenge. Need some inspiration to change the commuting culture […]