Finding Flexibility For Transportation, Too

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Photo via Austin Business Journal

Austin’s becoming a tech hub, but many tech companies are having to think fast in order to find the space they need in downtown Austin. Flexibility is key, according to this Austin Business Journal article, and co-working spaces that provide that flexibility for startups are taking off.

But office space isn’t the only thing that’s hard to come by in downtown Austin. Parking is also in short supply, and signs point to parking space becoming even more limited as property owners eye better uses for valuable land.

Just as flexibility is a solution for finding work space, it’s also a great solution for commuting. Employers who have fledgling tech companies that are growing fast shouldn’t waste time and money on finding parking – instead, they can incentivize options for their employees.

There are lots of ways to do this. The Brazos Tech District is a growing group of companies working together for smart mobility. The coalition is a unique way to connect with the tech industry downtown while getting good deals for employees. Or, companies can take advantage of Capital Metro’s MetroWorks program, which lets companies offer discounted transit passes to employees.

What will they get in return? Greater productivity, healthier employees, and a healthier bottom line, too.


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