Celebrity Commuting Advice

Movability Austin works with individuals and businesses downtown to help them find the commute options that work best – but don’t just take it from us when it comes to developing smart commuting strategies. We rounded up some expert advice on the subject:

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Pope Francis suggests reading material when you are comfortable on the bus.

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Joseph Kopser, RideScout CEO and co-founder, has lots of good suggestions on how to get back some of the 52 hours you spend commuting each year.

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Vincent Kartheiser, Mad Men’s Pete Campbell, knows it’s all about the transit.

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Lebron James rides a bike to games to relax and get more exercise.

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Leonardo Decaprio is frequently spotted dating by bicycle.

There are some common elements in almost everyone’s advice on how to make your commute a bit less painful.

Take back control of your life: think about your choices. Driving and sitting in traffic isn’t your predetermined destiny. Consider other travel options – even changing the time or route can help.

Apps access information and ability: apps can provide great information when you need it for choosing routes (Google, Waze, Metropia) or learning what options are available to you (RideScout) or even using specific services (Carma, B-Cycle, Capital Metro, Car2Go, zipcar, Lyft, Uber).

Decide for yourself and your needs: what is working well with your current commute? What isn’t? Be honest here. Are there options that could give you more of the good stuff – time to do more of something?

Go Public: once you decide, get information, and commit to taking control, spread the word. Post on Facebook and Instragram, Tweet, tell your friends and family. Just letting people you care about know what you are doing will help you keep your momentum, and it may even get you good advice and support.

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