Climate Change on Your Mind? Think About A Commute Change

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Many people are becoming more concerned about climate change on an everyday basis, and are making changes in their daily lives to reduce pollution.

If you’re among those wondering what you can do to mitigate the impact of carbon emissions, there’s good news – using options will help reduce those emissions, will certainly help improve traffic in Austin, and will most likely help you become healthier!

For inspiration, look no further than this Austin EcoNetwork podcast, which explores how NetSpend employees tried out options, and how the company got those changes to stick (spoiler alert: it involves flair! Think Office Space.)

The company took on Mobility Week last fall with gusto, with 98 percent of its employees agreeing to try transportation alternatives. After the week was over, the company offered incentives and assistance for its employees to keep using options; that has helped make existing employees happier, and has helped them recruit new employees.

Check out Austin EcoNetwork’s reporting on how an entire company changed its commuting culture, and tips for how your company can do the same – changes that will benefit us all.

Want to learn more? Another Mobility Week is coming up this fall. Movability staff are also happy to help you explore options for your entire company or for you as an individual.


Image via Creative Commons

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