Choices Are Hiding In Your Neighborhood, Too

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.50.38 PMEvidence is mounting that dense, walkable, and bikeable spaces lead to healthier residents. Researchers are looking closely at the health impacts of long car commutes and they are disastrous for our health. High stress, long periods of inactivity, and social isolation day after day aren’t good for us. Not to mention all the time you’re wasting in traffic.

For those who live near work, walking, biking, and transit are all easy commute alternatives. But even if you live in a more suburban area, too far to walk or even bike to work, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a healthier way of approaching transportation.

There are options hiding in your neighborhood, too, and you owe it to your health to find them. Here’s how to find those hidden options if you live far away from work, or live in a more sprawling, car-oriented area:

-Use RideScout to see all your options side by side, and choose what works best for you on any given day; maybe it’s a combination of Car2go and the bus one day, or carpooling on another. RideScout will even tell you how many calories you can burn using different options!

-Get Capital Metro’s trip planner to scout out bus and train routes.  Just walking to and from a transit stop adds some fitness to your day. (And see our guest columnist’s take on the express bus, which serves suburban areas around Austin.)

-Choose to lunch where you can walk before or after eating for even a few minutes. Or if you are downtown, walking or taking B-Cycle a few blocks farther to a new lunch spot can help you lose pounds over time!

-Use your family as an excuse to explore your neighborhood or head to the park on two wheels (or two feet). Even if active transportation doesn’t fit into your workday, there are plenty of ways to fit it into your lifestyle.

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