Bike Fix-It Stations: Now Appearing At a Rec Center Near You

Screen shot 2015-08-13 at 8.48.51 PMThe City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department recently finished installing 24 bicycle fix-it stations at recreation centers around the city, in order to promote bicycle commuting and transportation.

Each fix-it station is a repair stand with an air pump and hand tools, including screwdrivers, wrenches, and a tire lever. That means if you’re out riding and something happens, you’ll have a way to make minor repairs and adjustments on the road, rather than having to carry tools or walk your bike back home or to a shop.

List of bicycle “Fit-it” station locations:
1. Delores Duffie (Rosewood) Recreation Center(1182 North Pleasant Valley Road, Austin, TX 78702)
2. Gustavo “Gus” Garcia Recreation Center (1201 E. Rundberg Lane, Austin, TX 78753)
3. Oswaldo A.B. Cantu/Pan American Recreation Center (2100 East 3rd Street, Austin, TX 78702)
4. Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center (2608 Gonzales Street, Austin, TX 78702)
5. Parks and Recreation Department Main Office (200 South Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704)
6. Montopolis Recreation Center (1200 Montopolis Drive, Austin, TX 78741)
7. South Austin Recreation Center (1100 Cumberland Road, Austin, TX 78704)
8. Dove Springs Recreation Center (5801 Ainez Drive, Austin, TX 78744)
9. Dottie Jordan Recreation Center (2803 Loyola Lane, Austin, TX 78723)
10. Alamo Recreation Center (2100 Alamo Street, Austin, TX 78722)
11. Austin Recreation Center (1301 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78701)
12. Dittmar Recreation Center (1009 W. Dittmar Road, Austin, TX 78745)
13. Givens Recreation Center (3811 East 12th Street, Austin, TX 78721)
14. Hancock Recreation Center (811 E. 41st Street, Austin, TX 78751)
15. Metz Recreation Center (2407 Canterbury Street, Austin, TX 78702)
16. Northwest Recreation Center (2913 Northland Drive, Austin, TX 78757)
17. Pickfair Community Center (10904 Pickfair Drive, Austin, TX 78750)
18. Turner Roberts Recreation Center (7201 Colony Loop Drive, Austin, TX 78724)
19. Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center (7500 Blessing Ave., Austin, TX 78752)
20. Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (600 River Street, Austin, TX, 78701)
21. PARD Annex (919 West 28 1/2 Street, Austin, Texas 78705)
22. Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk (919 West 28 1/2 Street, Austin, Texas 78705)
23. Lorraine “Grandma” Camacho Activity Center (35 Robert Martinez Jr. Street, Austin, TX 78702)
24. Danny G. McBeth Recreation Center (2401-A Columbus Drive, Austin, 78746)



Photo: Austin Parks and Recreation Department




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  1. Jonathan says:

    Why not just list them here? Some of us aren’t on facebook.

    • Kate Harrington says:

      Happy to list them here, and thanks for commenting. We will update shortly with those locations!