Beat the Heat

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.28.59 PM photo via RideScout

You may have noticed that our flirtation with summer is over, and the heat is here for real. So what’s a heat-weary Austinite to do? You could hunker down in your living room’s air conditioning, but you don’t have to become a homebody – you can beat the heat while also beating traffic. Here are a few suggestions from mobility superstars in Austin, plus a few more from us here at Movability:

  1. When RideScout employees find themselves near the Republic Square bus stop, they grab a drink at Departure Lounge, says RideScout’s Erica Brennes. From there you can grab a drink or a snack inside and watch the digital display for real-time information on when the next bus will arrive. For pedestrians, RideScout also has this tip, from CEO and co-founder Joseph Kopser, who was in the military before helping to launch RideScout: in the heat, walk as slowly as you can, and use the shade of buildings or trees.
  2. Austin American-Statesman reporter Pam LeBlanc says she heads to the water as much as possible in the summer, whether it’s attending swim practice at Rollingwood Pool with the U.S. Masters Swim Team, taking a dip in Barton Springs, or seeking out a swimming hole. To get there without getting stuck in traffic, so rides her electric bike (which she also rides to work). “I can keep the motor off and use all pedal power, or get an electric boost (anywhere from level one to five, depending on how much exercise I want, how big that Lamar Boulevard hill looks, and how hot it is.) Keeps me moving.” LeBlanc also has a great recipe she shared with us that will keep you cool post-bike ride: “I drink a lot of watermelon ‘slurries.’ Chop up watermelon, toss it in the blender with a little sweetener and some ice, whirl away. It’s dreamy and cool (and if it’s Friday night, take out the sweetener and add prosecco instead.)”
  3. Take in a classic film in the air-conditioned comfort of the Paramount, or check out the films at Alamo Ritz and Violet Crown. Get there by bus or by B-cycle; several routes run close to all three theaters (you can use Capital Metro’s trip planner to find the one that works best for you), and there are lots of B-cycle stations nearby too.
  4. Scream for ice cream! Load up a car with your best friends and carpool your way to the swanky fusion ice cream at Lick, scoop-flinging servers at Amy’s, or gubernatorially-approved Sandy’s.

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