Travel Advisors Tell All

Our Movability interns have talked to almost a thousand downtown commuters this summer, and they’ve learned a few things! Here are their biggest take-aways from the internship – and how their experience can help you. Did you try any options for the first time this summer? Sara: Since working at Movability Austin, I’ve started using […]

Looking Ahead: Austin Traffic Solutions

Part one of our Looking Ahead series News Flash: Austin is growing fast, and traffic is a big problem. This is hardly news for most of us living in Austin, but a recent National Journal poll is the latest confirmation of Austinites’ views on this: More than half of local residents consider traffic and other […]

Looking Ahead: Transportation Is Being Transformed, One Disruption At a Time

Part two of our Looking Ahead series Perhaps it’s the extraordinary costs or the inefficiencies, but disruption of traditional transportation is becoming so commonplace that it is now expected. The trends are also causing some to think about completely transforming the future of our cities, our households, and our transportation network. Most of the new services we are […]