Tech Bits

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There are some exciting things afoot in Austin’s tech and transportation worlds that will make it even easier for commuters to use options.

RideScout just announced a major acquisition of GlobeSherpa to give users a mobile payment and booking option. The Austin-based company has also launched Ride.Kit, giving application developers the opportunity to create an exchange of application functionality to the Connect Network. That means smart commuters won’t have to jump between apps, and instead will have access to information from many apps in an integrated platform.

The Brazos Tech District folks have also built an incredibly easy way for people to get transit passes and aggregate employee commuters to get the best price discounts possible. “ is a community tool which allows anyone to take advantage of bulk-rate pricing on Capital Metro transit passes. By crowd-sourcing orders, this tool makes it easier, cheaper and greener to get Screen shot 2015-07-06 at 4.25.12 PMaround Austin!” says Judson Moore.

Brazos Technology District is a coalition of tech businesses in downtown Austin, that use entrepreneurial concepts to solve challenges transportation woes, improve urban space, and create a better sense of community.


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